Pickled Onions

March 25, 2014 2

I know some of you may think to yourself; Pickled Onions, what does that have to do with barbeque? Well, in parts of the Midwest and in Southern states, pickled onions along with pickles, are […]

Dad’s Ribs and Mop Sauce

March 17, 2014 15

Here is a recipe I picked up from my dad after I was grown and had my own family. As a child growing up my dad always manned the grill and I would ask him […]

Kansas City Kryptonite Rub

March 16, 2014 10

Kansas City Kryptonite Rub is a rub I came across about 6 or 7 years ago. It has great flavor when paired with poultry or beef. I really like it on chicken or tri-tip. Give […]

Lip Smacker Barbeque Sauce

March 14, 2014 2

Here is a sauce I use as 1 of my common go to barbeque sauces. You can use it on just about everything. “Lip Smacker” Barbeque Sauce 4 Cups Heinz Ketchup (or another quality brand) […]