3 BBQ Turkey Ideas For Thanksgiving

If you’re looking for something to wow your family and guest with this Thanksgiving other than the traditional turkey, then here are 3 wonderful recipes you can try to give them the traditional food, turkey, cooked in an exciting new way. These are the recipes I like the best and believe them to be easy enough for anyone to pull off.

1. North Carolina-Style BBQ Turkey

North Carolina-Style BBQ Turkey

This all-star, easy-to-follow North Carolina-Style BBQ Turkey recipe comes straight from the Food Network Kitchen.

See full recipe at: http://bit.ly/1Tdsi4q

2. Smoked Maple Turkey


Something different from the traditional cooked turkey from out of the oven with a wonderful twist that makes it sinfully delicious!

See full recipe at: http://bit.ly/21eOWi6

3. Barbecue Turkey, The Ultimate Turkey Recipe

smoked turkey recipe

This is no ordinary turkey preparation, pilgrims. Digest these logical concepts and you will never again have a dry, stringy, cardboard, boring bird.

See full recipe at: http://bit.ly/1OfcIoS


There you have it! The beginnings of making your Thanksgiving special with any of these BBQ Turkey Recipes. Try one, heck, try them all and then let me know how much your family is bugging you to do it again!

I hope you enjoyed our list of cool BBQ Turkey Recipes.

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