5 Things You Can Do To Celebrate National Barbeque Month

May is National Barbecue Month and I’ve put together a short, important list of the ways you can celebrate. Yes, celebrations often have cold beverages associated with them, and I’m definitely not ruling out the possibility of consuming them. Heck, I like a nice cold one every now and then. This can be done while completing our list. After all with our busy lives, we’ve turned multi-tasking into an art form.

1. Show Your Grill Some Love

  • Your barbeque grill treats you well all year-long by pushing out great food for your family and friends, and every once in a while it deserves to be detailed to show your appreciation. A good tune up will keep your barbeque grill running optimally, just like your car. For those of us, included myself, who’s barbeque grill is your baby, this is your time to show it just how much you care. Take the time to clean each and every part well. Find out which parts may need replacement. Replacing damaged parts in your barbeque grill can add years to it’s life and prevent further damage to surrounding parts.

clean grill

2. Cook Something You’ve Never Cooked Before

  • To truly understand how versatile your barbeque grill can be, it’s always a good idea to keep trying something new. Just like in a marriage or relationship, keeping things fresh and interesting is the key to longevity. Racking your brain for recipe ideas? Try one that I have posted or purchase a barbeque cookbook and try a recipe. I like Wicked Good Barbecue and Big Bob Gibson’s BBQ Book. They are both from award-winning barbeque people.

grilled avocado

3. Host a Cookout

  • Hosting a cookout is your chance to show off your barbeque skills to your friends and family and establish yourself as the “Barbeque King (or Queen) of the Neighborhood.” There are a couple different options for hosting a cookout. Make the main dish yourself and ask everyone else to bring an appetizer, side dish, or dessert. The other option is to have a BYOM (Bring Your Own Meat) cookout. Guests are responsible for bringing and grilling their own meat, while you provide the fixings like side dishes and dessert. Now you can always just do it big and take care of everything and just ask your guest to bring their appetite.

host cookout

4. Bake A Cake (on the grill!)

  • Yes, you read that right. I often tell my friends anything they can cook in or on the stove I can cook on the grill. Any cake you can bake inside, you can bake outside. Barbeques grills have come a long way over time. Most, if not all, are capable of convection cooking. This means they work just like your oven, assuming you have an oven that works well. Nothing tastes like a celebration more than cake. Barbeque grills are incredibly versatile gifts to mankind, so start making use of it!

barbeque cake

5. #PSBQselfie Contest

  • In our world today taking a selfie is as common as walking down the street. May is National Barbeque Month.  Post a selfie of you barbequing to our Twitter Page using the hashtag #PSBQselfie. Also visit our Facebook Page, “Like” it and post your picture there, using the hashtag #PSBQselfie for a chance to a win a variety 6 pack of barbeque sauce. 2 winners will chosen randomly and announced on June 30 on our Twitter, Facebook and in the comments section of this post.
  • For full contest details visit Barbeque Sauce Giveaway Rules And Regulations.

sauce variety


I encourage you to enjoy the beautiful outdoors after the winter we had and do these 5 things so you can truly enjoy National Barbeque Month!

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