A self and family professed pitmaster who loves to barbeque. A love for barbeque developed a child from watching my father “man” the grill. The love for barbeque, using wood and the “low & slow” method took off after purchasing a horizontal smoker in the early 90’s.

Pigskin Barbeque is an outlet for providing you with barbeque recipes from all around the country as well as those known hot spots for barbeque, like Texas, Memphis, Kansas City, the Carolinas, out west and from the east.

You can expect information on the different cooking methods, the tools and products used, as well as the outcome.

Also, this site provides the added advantage of conducting reviews on barbeque related products like sauces and rubs, plus tools and grills. This takes the guess work out of barbeque for you.

So, you are welcomed to come along on this wonderful barbeque journey with us!

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