Advertising on Pigskin Barbeque is a great way to get your products and services seen by thousands. We run a different type of advertising than most sites and here is why. Most sites offer a standard rate static 125×125 ad on the sidebar. Some readers naturally ignore sidebar ads resulting in low click-through rates and not much bang for your buck. Here at Pigskin Barbeque we do things a little different. We currently have seven options for you to choose from to get the most out of advertising with us.

Option 1:
Rate: $15 per 30 day run
What you get: The standard 125×125 sidebar. This gets 100% of page views in the right margin, above the fold. We will also do a monthly sponsor post that will feature your products and services within the blog area of our site, which will also reach our RSS subscribers!

Option 2:
Rate: $25 per 30 day run
What you get: a 300×250 banner that will be shown on every page of the site. Also includes the monthly sponsor post.

You must provide your own artwork. Artwork we will need from you depending on your selection: 125×125, 300×250 (shown in order below):




















Ad space is limited to retain the value of your ad space. To reserve your ad space or if you have any questions please fill out the contact form below.