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BBQ Ribs

I conducted My Second Barbeque Dinner sale at the end of June, this time doing ribs and rib-tips, giving people in my city an opportunity to again try my brand of barbeque. I served whole slab and half slab St. Louis style ribs and also rib-tip dinners. People had the choice of 2 sides between sweet creamy coleslaw, creamy potato salad or peach baked beans, plus their choice of either chocolate or lemon cake. Everything was prepared fresh in-house.

I just wanted to take this time to share with you those pictures and the comments from a few people concerning their meal.





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Just a regular guy who loves to barbeque. Married father of two. I developed a love for grilling as a child watching my dad grill. My love for BBQ, using wood and the "low & slow" method came after I purchased my first horizontal smoker in my 20's.

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