BBQ Slang Used By The Pros That You Need To Know

BBQ terms, phrases and lingo can vary from place to place in the US. You have the North, the South, the East and West Coasts and each one of them has different terms which describe specific things within their BBQ world. Here is a list of some unique BBQ Slang we feel you should become familiar with. Also these words will get added to our BBQ Glossary which you can view.


The fat and muscle attaching the flat to the rib cage, the deckle is a fatty, marbled cut preferred by brisket aficionados, also known as the point. This is usually used to make burnt ends.

Mr. Brown

The dark, crunchy exterior skin of whole-hog barbecue.

Miss White

The light, moist interior meat of whole hog barbecue, usually from the loins.

Mr. Brown Goes to Town

A staple in Memphis of adding crunchy pieces of pork skin to pulled pork sandwiches.

Chipped Mutton

Mutton (goat) ribs, neck, and shoulder meat is mixed and dipped in liquid sauce unique to Kentucky.

White Sauce

Crafted by Big Bob Gibson of Alabama, this zesty mayo-based sauce is great on smoked chicken. See our version on the Alabama classic White Sauce.


When ribs have exposed bones, it happens when too much meat has been cut off during the butchering process. The bones, then “shine through” the meat. AVOID RIBS LIKE THESE!


The process of poking a syringe of some liquid mixture into meat, is a common way to add extra flavor.

Wide and Narrow

This describes how thick or thin a rack of rib’s are.

Blue Smoke

Refers to the smoke coming out your grill or smoker when it’s lightly tinged blue. This is when you place your meat on the grill.

Power Cook

The Process of cooking at a higher than normal temperature to speed up the cooking process.

Money Muscle

This is the moist and flavorful piece of meat on a pork shoulder. It’s often this piece of meat that wins the pork category for BBQ competitors.


When you spy on another to discover their BBQ secrets.


Describes the way a good smoked brisket will shake when done.

Jiggle Wiggle


The juices that come out when brisket is done right.

Butt over Brisket

When pork butt is cooked atop brisket and its juices flow down through the grate onto the beef.


A North Carolinian BBQ term which means that pork is the only legitimate barbecue meat.

Bend Test

A method for checking if smoked ribs are done. Pick up the rack of ribs with a pair of tongs, if they are ready, the slab will bow until the meat starts to break away.


A thin, vinegar based barbecue sauce. A Kentucky favorite.


Refers to the lean side of a beef brisket, which has more meat and less fat. What you typically get in your grocery store.

Snake Method

A method lining briquettes around the edges of the pit. The fire is started on one end and the others catch fire as the heat reaches them naturally.

Texas Trinity

a plate of BBQ smoked sausage, brisket, and pork ribs, served sometimes with bread, pickles, and onions on the side.

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