Tools used for smoking, grilling, barbequing and outdoor cooking, like instant read thermometer, wireless meat thermometer, tongs, grill brush, wood chips, grill grates, bbq gloves, chimney starter, fire cubes and injectors.

Top BBQ Books for 2017

February 27, 2017 0

We are ┬ájust about 3 months into the new year and BBQ season is upon us. These past few winter months we’ve spent countless hours researching and reviewing what would potentially be the Top BBQ […]

How To Light Charcoal Without Fluid

February 22, 2016 0

I wanted to share this quick “How To” video” in response to a few emails I’ve gotten asking me if there was an easy way to light charcoal without using lighter fluid. In a few […]

Knives and Juicer Review

January 18, 2016 0

Oliver & Kline Ceramic Knife Set – 3 Pieces: 6″ Chef, 5″ Slicing , 4″ Fruit   These knives came packaged in a nice box set which looked beautiful. My initial thought was “looks can […]

Hot Grips Review

August 26, 2015 0

Hot Grips Silicone Heat Resistant BBQ Gloves is a products that I received and was asked to put them to the test. Silicone kitchen products are becoming all the rage now. You have products from […]

Kuuk Digital Thermometer Review

July 29, 2015 2

Cooking barbeque is a love for some and a habit for others! In cooking barbeque there are things that help you make the good great. One of those things is an accurate meat thermometer. Most […]

Top Must Have Weber Products

June 6, 2015 2

The words Weber and barbeque go hand in hand, and have done so for many years now. It is rare to go anywhere within the U.S. and not find these words associated with each other […]

Yumms! BBQ Grilling Mat Review

May 11, 2015 2

We received Yumms BBQ Grilling Mat for review and really wanted to put this accessory to the test and see if it performed as well as advertised. Yumms BBQ Grilling Mat is said to: PREVENT […]

Top 10 BBQ Books

April 16, 2015 1

With the official barbeque season under way all across the country we want to continue to do our part in help you make the best barbeque possible by suggesting our list of the Top 10 […]