Coke-a-Cola Jerk Chicken

Jamaican Jerk is one of my favorite seasonings and I often visit the Jamaican eateries in my city ordering their Jerk chicken, pork, shrimp and more. Well, my family wanted barbeque chicken and I took the opportunity to make chicken the way they like it, with Kansas City Kryptonite and also to make my version of Jerk Chicken, Coke-a-Cola Jerk Chicken to be exact. Below you will find the recipe on how I prepared, cooked and sauced the soda inspired island favorite.

Coke a Cola Jerk Chicken2


  • Prep Time: 30 minutes
  • Cook Time 2 to 3 hours (depending on how well you like your chicken cooked)
  • Smoker Temp: 225
  • Meat Finish Temp: 165
  • Preferred Wood: Cherry



  • Brine: (recipe below)
  • Chicken Thighs 10 to 12 (make sure to remove any excess fat)
  • Dry Jerk Seasoning –
  • Wet Jerk Seasoning  –
  • Coca Cola (not Pepsi)
  • Coke-a-Cola Jerk Barbeque Sauce (recipe below)


Brine Recipe:

  • 2 Gallons of warm water
  • 2 Cups Kosher Salt –
  • 1 Cup Dark Brown Sugar
  • 2 Tbsp Dry Jerk Season
  • Ice cubes

Combine salt and sugar in water and stir until dissolved. Once salt and sugar are dissolved add the dry jerk seasoning and stir until mixed well. Add ice cubes to make the water cold and stir. Place chicken in a large enough container to hold all pieces and the brine, allowing the brine to completely cover the chicken. Place in fridge and allow to sit at least 6hrs. I prefer 12hrs.

After brining rinse throughly in cold water and pat each piece dry with paper towel. Season each piece of chicken on both sides with the Dry Jerk Seasoning, place in a ziplock bag and place back in the fridge for at least 2hrs. I prefer 6hrs.

Jerk Chicken Brine

Cook Instructions:

I used my Brinkman Trailmaster Limited Edition, which is an offset smoker because it offered me more cooking space seeing I was cooking chicken 2 different ways and I made burgers as well. I cooked the chicken at 225 for about 3hrs. I used Kingsford Competition Briquets as it’s said you can use less, they burn hotter for a longer period of time and I wanted to test them out. They seem to work as advertised. I also used Cherry Wood Chunks, if you can’t find them in your area try Amazon, here is a link – Make sure you use chunks as the chips burn up too fast. I add 3 nice size chunks at the start of the cook and add 2 more about 45 minutes into the cook.

Kingsford Comp

While the chicken is cooking I prepare my Coke-a-Cola Jerk Barbeque Sauce.

Coke-a-Cola Jerk Sauce Recipe:

In a non-reactive pot combine everything except water and whisk to mix. Bring to a boil and then reduce heat to medium low and allow it to simmer. Allow this to reduce to about half (20 to 30 minutes), add as much water as needed to get the sauce to your desired thickness. I personally like this to be a bit thin.  Allow to cool and brush chicken with sauce on both sides the last 30 to 45 minutes of cook time. Use extra sauce as a dipping sauce for the chicken. This sauce can be placed in a clean jar and placed in the fridge for up to 4 months.

This is great with grilled pineapple and mangos!



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  1. Dont use processed charcoal with all those binders and chemicals. And ONLY pimento wood and Sweetwood is used for authentic jerk grilling. Only one let it place sells it in USA on line since 2006 pimentowood dot com Worth the cost as its strong and little is needed. Flavor is outstanding.

    • Thanks for the info Stacy.
      This is my version of Coke-a-Cola Jerk Chicken. It’s not how they make the original jerk chicken but I put to use the wood choice that was best available and added a little twist to things.

      I may have to order some pimento wood and use it.

  2. When’s the last time you had ‪#‎bbqchicken‬ knock you off your feet?
    Then try Coke-a-Cola Jerk Chicken, YaMon!

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