Cole’s Sweet Heat BBQ Sauce Review

“Cole’s Sweet Heat is a true St. Louis style BBQ Sauce with the perfect blend of sweetness and bite that welcomes you to the Midwest. Baste, marinade, or glaze all of your meats with Cole’s Sweet Heat.”

Cole’s Sweet Heat is the original flavor and it also come in Sweet Velvet. We received  a bottle of each to review and have truly enjoyed trying these sauces on everything from barbeque to french fries and even some roasted vegetables.

The sauces come in mason style jars. I don’t know about you but I like when sauces are bottled in mason jars or bottles that look like a whiskey flask, that’s just me. The labels are clearly marked and even have the St. Louis Arch on them, giving them a nice hometown feel seeing Cole Harte, the owner is from the area.

Cole’s Sweet Heat

coles sweet heat

The Sweet Heat sauce is flavorful with a slight bit of a kick to it that I find great when paired with beef. So I cooked beef ribs and burgers to try this sauce on. I used a simple spice mixture because I wanted the flavor of the meat and sauce to shine through without the seasoning being the star of the show. I used a simple blend of equal parts of Kosher Salt, fresh ground Black Pepper, Garlic Powder and Onion Powder.

I had my butcher cut the beef short ribs up like you would with burnt ends from a brisket because I didn’t want to deal with the Flintstone bone, I’m not Fred Flintstone. I smoked them at 275 degrees and used hickory wood. Once they were about finished I sauced them and placed them back on the grill to finish them off and to allow the sauce to cook in. The burgers were a simple cook to medium well and I topped them with cheese, onion strings, some bacon and sauce.

I loved the sauce on both meats as it balanced out well just as I had expected. There was this sweet twang on the front end with the bite on the end but the beef mellowed it out a little bit. I am not sure of the secret spice blend used in the sauce but it’s a winner in our book and I can wait to try this sauce on some baby back ribs!

Cole’s Sweet Velvet

sweet velvet2

This sauce here! This sauce right here! Yo, this sauce here is straight up addictive! The name is befitting, it’s sweet and the flavors roll over your tongue like velvet. I kept saying too myself it reminded me of something but I could never put my finger on it. I told Cole Harte he should be arrested for this one here!

For this sauce I cooked a pork loin, one of my favorites! It was an 8 pounder that I seasoned with a rub I’ve used before, Junior’s Rub for Grub, which I will be reviewing soon. I chose this because it has Texas roots and if you’re familiar with Texas barbeque you know the flavors are bold and spicy. I cooked the pork loin at 250 degrees using pecan wood and cooked it to an internal temp of 155 degrees. It may seem a bit high but I like my meat done a little more than most, plus I leave the fat cap on and that helps it to not dry out. I then glazed the loin with the Sweet Velvet sauce and allowed it to finish cooking for 30 to 40 minutes, then allowed it to rest about 10 minutes before slicing.

I figured the rub paired with the Sweet Velvet sauce would give me the desired balance and taste. It was the BOMB! When you took a bite it was a flavor explosion in your mouth. You got the sweetness of the sauce right away, then came the boldness of the rub, and surprisingly the herb and spice blend of the sauce finished off the parade of flavor in my mouth. I like this sauce so much I was dipping french fries, chips and even baby carrots in it and eating them.


Cole’s Sweet Heat and Velvet Sweet are 2 sauces I would classify as MUST TRY SAUCES for 2015. These sauces cover the taste or preference of just about any barbeque fanatic! If you like a sauce with twang and a bit of a kick, then the original Sweet Heat is the sauce for you. If you tend to like a sweeter sauce then you can’t lose with the Sweet Velvet. These sauces are not the typical thick sauce you think of which you will usually find in the Midwest. I like that they are different. It’s not often that I quickly use up a sauce, but I killed the Sweet Velvet! I enjoyed it and liked it that much!

Currently Cole’s Sweet Heat BBQ Sauces are not sold nationwide but you can order some from It’s A St. Louis Thing, an online retailer of St. Louis originals. The whole idea behind It’s a St. Louis Thing is to promote and to make accessible in one place the wonderful original creations conceptualized and produced by St. Louis friends and neighbors.

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    • Thanks Tango Joe.
      The original sauce is cool but I really like the Velvet!

      It works well with my taste preference for barbeque ribs. I like a spicy rub paired with a flavorful sweet sauce.

      It’s not like a lot of sweet sauces where you get so much sweet and very little flavor. You get sweet, tang, flavor and a nice mellowness. The name Velvet is perfect for it.

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