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Desperado BBQ

Desperado BBQ is a KCBS (Kansas City Barbecue Society) team with award-winning barbecue sauces and rubs, which are full of legendary wild west barbecue flavor. Gluten FREE, All Natural and FDA approved. I have had the pleasure of connecting with Steve Botkins from Desperado BBQ. I have also been lucky enough to give their award-winning sauces and rub a try. Their Award Winning Barbecue Sauces and Rubs Compliment Beef, Chicken and Pork. Here is my review.

My review started off a little shaky, not because of anything on my or Desperado’s part. I’m blaming the US Postal mail. When I initially received the sauces and rub, the Hawaiian Style sauce was busted and it was over everything. Steve quickly sent another bottle of sauce and I waited for it before moving forward.

I usually conduct a simple test when I first get sauce which consists of smelling the sauce, trying it on bread and simply tasting it from a spoon. I must say, the smell left me thinking the sauces (Original & Hawaiian) were not any different from too many other sauces, boy was I wrong! Upon tasting them, there was a distinct difference between the two sauces. They were both sweet but the Original had a savory flavor to it, while the Hawaiian style was sweet with what seemed like a hint of sweet pineapples. Did I mention it was addictive?


Hawaiian Style Sauce

So, my first test of Desperado BBQ sauce was with the Hawaiian Style, on some chicken that I smoked, seasoned with a simple salt, pepper and garlic seasoning. I ate a couple of wings plain with nothing on them. I do this so I can better gauge the difference the sauce makes. I then tried some with sauce on them…….. Here is where my addiction started for real!!! Man, let me tell you! The Hawaiian Style sauce sent the flavor through the roof. This is one of the few sauces where it’s hard for me to describe the joy my mouth experienced. Oh yeah, by the end of the year I’m making a Top 10 Barbeque Addiction list and you can be sure this sauce will be on it. Honestly folks, the flavor of this sauce is great and I have to get another bottle because I want to try it on a few other things. Yes! I used it all up making chicken again.


Original Style Sauce & High Plains Dust Rub

The High Plains Dust Rub I’ve tried on a couple of things as well, like pork loin, chops, burgers, ribs and ribs tips. I like the rub. I like it a lot! Why, because it is how I like my rubs; it has a bit of a kick on the tail end. This works nicely with the two sauces seeing they are sweet, it give things a good balance.

For the 4th of July I had grill duty for the family cookout. Let me tell you I have a big family! I cooked 20 slabs of ribs, 15 rib tips and 120 chicken leg quarters. Well those other 5 rib tips I kept and cooked them this past weekend for home. I used the High Plains Dust Rub to season them with and I glazed them with the Original Style Sauce. I kept the cook pretty simple. I smoked the rib tips at 250 using a 70/30 mix of hickory and mesquite wood. During the last 45 minutes of cooking I glazed the tips with the sauce. When they were done I let them sit for about 10 minutes before cutting and plating them. You can not honestly tell me those are not some of the prettiest rib tips you have ever seen!


tips done

rib tip dinner


As stated above, I like the rub and their rub and sauce works well together because they compliment each other. The rub isn’t too sweet and has a nice kick. The sauce isn’t just sweet, it’s tangy with a savory body. These two worked well together on the rib tips I made and they came out GREAT! I can honestly say I’m ordering some to always have around the house. Make sure you do the same. Every time I look at those pictures above I get hungry thinking how good they were! I now know personally why Desperado BBQ rub and sauces are award-winning!

I suggest you visit Desperado BBQ website and order some rub and sauce today!


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