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“Firebud Brands was created to inspire creativity wherever you cook and to be the backdrop of good times. Our line of gourmet food products will get you there, wherever there might be.”

Firebud Brands was truly a taste adventure for us. Being from Ohio where we are used to barbeque sauces in the mold of a traditional Kansas City or Memphis style sauce, this was out of the norm for us. This experience just shows the depth of barbeque and also the regional flair each area of this country puts on its brand and version of barbeque. I can honestly say I have heard of Mustard BBQ Sauce, but I had never tried it. Yet, Alabama White BBQ Sauce was all together something of a new experience from the standpoint of hearing about it and tasting it.

I was lost when we first received these products and had to do a little research on what I should cook to test out Firebud Brands Body Buzz Rub, their award-winning Slap Sauce, and their Salvation Sauce. I was sure about cooking chicken for the Salvation Sauce, that is what it is for, but I wasn’t as sure about what cut of pork to cook for the Slap Sauce. See during my research I constantly came across information about smoking a whole hog and that wasn’t going to work this time around. Luckily I found several recipes for pork butt/pulled pork in relation to Carolina Mustard BBQ Sauce. So here is my review!

Body Buzz Rub

Body Buzz Rub

I used their Body Buzz Rub which is 100% all natural, gluten-free, and preservative free. The label says you can use it on pork, chicken, seafood, vegetables and more. I seasoned the chicken (wings and halves) and the pork butt with it. What I like most about Body Buzz Rub is their use of Turbinado Sugar (sugar in the raw) as opposed to plain brown sugar. It caramelized on the meat during the cooking process creating a crust that seemed to seal in moisture and flavor. It also had a nice balance of flavorful spices that worked well with the touch of sweetness the sugar provided.

 Slap Sauce

As I said above, I was familiar with mustard style BBQ sauces, yet I never tried any before this. Again I want to remind you of my Midwest roots. I honestly found the pairing of barbeque and mustard rather strange and could not fully wrap my mind around this concept at first thought. I first tried the Slap Sauce on some wings, and said to myself, “this stuff is made for a burger or a brat and not barbeque.”

I then tried it on the pulled pork and my mind, taste buds, and feelings about a mustard BBQ sauce changed! I tried it on some pork that I had pulled and allowed the sauce to soak into the meat a bit. Again I’m use to a tomato or vinegar based sauce, so bear with me. The pulled pork and sauce started growing on me with each bite. The kicker was when I made pulled pork sliders topped with pickled onions and  sweet hot pickle slices. The sliders were great and I felt like I was from South Carolina enjoying them!

I’m still trying to wrap my Midwest taste buds around the tangy mustard sauce on other barbeque, but this is a for sure winner on pulled pork. Next up will be a small whole hog.

Salvation Sauce

This sauce has caught my attention more than any other sauce ever has before. Now, for those of you who are not familiar with Alabama White Sauce, as was I. It is a sauce that’s said to have been originally developed in Northern Alabama and Bob Gibson is credited with concocting white sauce back in 1925. It is a sauce made with mayo, vinegar, salt, pepper and other spices, some use horseradish. It’s only suggested for chicken and is said to not go well with pork or beef.

My initial cook was chicken wings which I grilled and brushed some sauce on during the last stage of cooking. They were pretty good with the combination of the rub and the sauce. It was nice and tangy. Again this was something I was not used to when it came to flavor of the sauce and barbeque.

I gave this combo of Body Buzz Rub and Salvation Sauce another go when I smoked some chicken halves. This time I dipped the chicken in the sauce as oppose to brushing it on during the cook. I like it better this way, it just seemed to allow the flavors of each product stand alone plus work off of each other when tasting the chicken. It still had that tang but this time it seemed to be much more mellow and enjoyable. I enjoyed this sauce so much each time we had chicken I used it. Yes I used it on baked and fried chicken and it was still great! A bit of caution when using this sauce and I’m sure any Alabama White sauce for that matter, go easy on the amount you use so the sauce doesn’t overpower the flavor of your chicken and seasoning.


Firebud Brands have three unique products in their rub and sauces. For those who are familiar with mustard and white sauce I can see these being a winner from the start. For those who have not experienced the taste of Carolina Mustard and Alabama White sauce, it’s time you step your game up and get hip. I now know why these sauces are winning awards.

Take the plunge and give these wonderful products a try, you will not regret it! My only regret is I have used up all of the Salvation sauce.

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