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“Introducing The World’s First HEROIC! Herb & Spice Seasoning. The Only No Salt, No Sugar Dry Mix For Making Gourmet Homemade BBQ Sauce. All Natural, Gluten Free, No Additives/Preservatives.”

HEROIC, what a wonderful name for a product such as this. This is California Gold BBQ Rubs second rub/spice. Their first was POWER, which contained 9 of the worlds greatest superfoods. It’s also low in salt and sugar, includes cocoa and ginger. Upon getting my HEROIC I opened it up and tried to figure out what was in it before I looked at the label. My nose was treated to a wonderful sniff of aromas that made my mouth water as I began to think about all the things I could try it on. Right away I smelled the cinnamon, cumin, garlic, nutmeg, bell pepper, and paprika, but to my surprise it also contained allspice, onion, turmeric, thyme and fennel.


Packaged in a nice shaker bottle, its label has a simplistic yet creative look. Makes me think of a Aztec design. It has the standard information you’ve come to see on labels, such as, nutrition facts, ingredients, bar-code, company address, the name of the product and product theme. To my pleasant surprise they also had an explanation of “superfoods,” plus some suggestions of what to use HEROIC on. Almost forgot to mention they have a QR Code which takes you to their website on the label, and they let you know that this product is gluten-free, plus it’s 100% all natural.


I first tried HEROIC on some popcorn. In some of the reading I performed on HEROIC I found multiple uses for it outside of barbeque. It gave my popcorn a unique flavor like I’ve never experienced before. I really liked it on popcorn. Next I tried it straight out the bottle again, this time on some roasted asparagus. I put a little olive oil, sea salt, red pepper flake and Heroic on them, placed them in the oven on 350 degrees for about 10 minutes. And this too was great!. So it was good on the first two things I tried but I was still wondering how this would work on some barbeque.

My plan was to cook some skinless boneless chicken because you can’t go wrong with chicken when trying a new seasoning. I also tried it on some baby back ribs. Because the product contains no sugar or salt, they suggest you add either or both of these products to HEROIC when using it as a rub. I decided to use sugar. I combined 4 tablespoons of HEROIC with 1 table granulated sugar and 1 tablespoon light brown. I added this mixture to the chicken breast and the ribs and allowed them to sit overnight in the fridge. The day of the cook I wrapped a couple of chicken breast in maple bacon. I was going for a sweet taste. I also made some of the base barbeque sauce they have in their brochure. It’s 2 tablespoons of HEROIC, 1.5 cups of Orange juice, 1 tablespoon of apple cider vinegar. I used this as a basting sauce and a dipping sauce when the meat was done cooking. I smoked the meat at 250 degrees, using Cowboy Lump charcoal which tends to burn hotter and cleaner that briquettes and I used Hickory wood for flavor.


I can truly say it gave the chicken and ribs a flavor like I’ve never had. I was like a flavor party in my mouth. Basting the meat while cooking just made the flavors more intense and using the dipping sauce kicked the taste and flavor up another notch. It was never too strong or overbearing, not too sweet or salty.

Without a doubt I will keep a bottle of HEROIC and use it on special occasions and when I want to really impress someone with a barbeque taste I’m sure they have never had before. Make sure you get yourself some HEROIC and try it today!


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