Hot Grips Review

Hot Grips Silicone Heat Resistant BBQ Gloves is a products that I received and was asked to put them to the test. Silicone kitchen products are becoming all the rage now. You have products from ice-cube trays to utensils to pot holders.  You also have other heat-resistant gloves styled like the ones in the piece I shared Mr Grill Heat Resistant Grill Gloves which have strips of silicone on them. Well these Hot Grips are fully silicone and a few things stand out about them.

For my test of the Hot Grips I used them cooking several different times. I used them to handle a 10 pound Boston Butt with ease. I used them when I cooked 10 slabs of Kansas City Style Spare Ribs for a family member. I avoided using tongs or forks when dealing with the meat. I used them to deal with the meat when it was raw being placed on the grill all the way until I had completed cooking. Before cooking I had to heat my family members grill and clean the cooking grate. Heating it up makes for easy cleaning and the Hot Grips performed great during that process as well.

Hot Grips Box

What I Liked About Them

  • They’re studded, unlike a lot of silicone gloves/mitts, they have a texture to them making it easier to hold onto things. If you have ever used silicone gloves/mitts that were smooth, then you know it was difficult holding onto anything once they had some grease on them from food.
  • They were very flexible. Many times products like this will tend to be hard or stiff not offering a good range of motion, theses do.
  • They work well in the heat-resistant department. I’m not sure if the raised studs on the glove helps with this or if it’s just the material they are made of but they simply do what they claim.
  • They clean up easily! You can place them in a dishwasher or just clean them in the sink and stand them up to air dry.
  • They actually come as a glove. Many products like this come as a mitt and I like the glove fit and feel better.

Hot Grips Wash

What I Disliked About Them

  • The size, they come in a “one size fits all” size. For people like me who have larger arms and hands, they were a little snug. I would suggest they add a extra-large size to the lineup.
  • The color. This is nothing major and it’s all based on my not liking the color red. Color options may help them sell a few more pair if folks could get them in their favorite color.
  • That I didn’t think of and create these gloves first!… LOL


The Hot Grips are as advertised and can be used in many other cooking applications outside of barbeque. If you are tired of looking for oven mitts, pot holders, or towels to handle hot things when you are cooking, I would suggest you get a pair of Hot Grips.

You can find Hot Grips Silicone Heat Resistant Gloves on Amazon –

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