How To Light Charcoal Without Fluid

I wanted to share this quick “How To” video” in response to a few emails I’ve gotten asking me if there was an easy way to light charcoal without using lighter fluid. In a few of these emails I noticed folks were mentioning their food was tasting like lighter fluid and this was the reason for them asking.

NOTHING, and I do mean NOTHING, can make barbeque turn horrible faster than tasting your meat and it taste like lighter fluid. This is usually the case due to one of several reasons. First, a person uses TOO much lighter fluid and drowns their charcoal in it. Second, a person hasn’t allowed the coals to burn long enough before putting their meat on, and the effects of the fluid burning off gets into the meat. If you use lighter fluid, which I do not recommend, allow the charcoals to completely ash over before placing any meat on the grill, this ensures the lighter fluid has completely burned off. Third, a person sprays lighter fluid through the cooking grate onto the charcoal below and it doesn’t burn off the cooking grate and gets directly into the meat when you place it on the cooking surface.

So here is an easy to follow method of lighting your charcoal and you will never have to worry about that horrible experience of your meat, which you have spent time and money on, turning out tasting like it should be at a lighter convention. There is a tool you will need to do this method, it’s called a Looftlighter and you can get yours today from Amazon.

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