Junior’s Rub For Grub

I love a good BBQ rub! Junior’s Rub For Grub is a rub that’s developed by Junior Urias, of Up In Smoke BBQ, out of Midland, Texas. A good BBQ rub should be able to enhance the flavor of any meat you place it on when barbequing or grilling. It should be able to stand alone and make the meat taste better. Well, Junior’s Rub For Grub doesn’t meet what I would consider a good BBQ rub. I know Junior is Texas-based and people all over the country have heard about the great Texas BBQ.

I personally prefer to make and create my own rubs from scratch and experiment until I get a rub just right, to consider it a good BBQ rub. Well, I know I said Junior’s Rub For Grub wasn’t a good rub, truth is, it’s a great rub! It made meat taste great all by itself and there wasn’t a need for any sauce. Junior’s Rub For Grub has been used by several BBQ teams on the professional BBQ circuit and they have placed well!

Rub For Grub Rub

As you can see from the picture above it has a nice blend of spices and herbs. The label says it has some of the common bbq spices like salt, garlic, paprika, and sugar, but there are a few other things like MSG, chicken broth, torula, beef extract and their special blend of spices. You can clearly see the herbs in it and it smells pretty darn good. When you think of a Texas rub what usually comes to mind is something with a bit of a kick and it has it, the plus is the great flavors in the rub.

Rub For Grub

I used Junior’s Rub For Grub on several things from ribs, pork butt, burgers, pork chops, beef ribs, catfish and vegetables but my two favorites I like it on the most were Round Roast and Pork Loin. I’ll cover the cooks in short and what I like most about these two.

Round Roast:

This is a cut of meat that can easily be one tough piece of meat if not cooked correctly. It’s a cheaper cut and can be found in 2 to 4 pound sizes. I seasoned the roast all over with the Rub For Grub and smoked it at 225 using hickory wood. I cooked it for about 3 hours. I allowed the roast to sit for about 15 minutes before slicing and serving.

We ate this without sauce of any kind on it and it was AMAZING. Again Round Roast is a cheaper cut of meat and it usually takes a lot to add good flavor to one of these but the Rub for Grub knocked it out the box! The spices in the rub went well with the beef and grilled veggies we had. Take a look!

round roast 1

round roast 2

round roast 3

Pork Loin:

I wasn’t a big fan of Pork Loin because I felt you could never get it seasoned well enough for the flavors to go through the meat considering the nice size of most pork loins. Mine was 8 pounds. That all changed when I used the Rub For Grub. The pork Loin had a fat cap on it and I trimmed a little bit of it, but left most because of the size of it, I was afraid of drying it out before it was done. I cooked it to an internal temperature of 155. I seasoned it pretty heavy and smoked it at 250 degrees using pecan wood.

With this cook I glazed the pork loin with Cole’s Sweet Heat Sweet Velvet Sauce the last 30 to 40 minutes of the cook. The Rub for Grub is a Texas rub and as you know they tend to have spicy, bold, rich flavors! I figured what better way to balance the rub flavor than with a sweet sauce and get the best of both worlds. Folks this didn’t last the night! My thought was I would at least get to enjoy this for a couple of days. Well my wife and kids had another idea as they ate every last bit of it. I’m just glad I got my portion before they murdered it!

pork loin1

pork loin2


If you like a full flavored rub that’s winning competitions and awards all over the country, this is the rub for you! Their slogan is “Out Seasoning The Competition.” Well folks, they surely are. Get yourself some of Junior’s Rub For Grub and give it a try, you won’t regret doing so! I will always keep me a bottle of this, it’s that good!

Junior’s Rub For Grub on the Web:

Rub For Grub bottle


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