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Oliver & Kline Ceramic Knife Set – 3 Pieces: 6″ Chef, 5″ Slicing , 4″ Fruit  

These knives came packaged in a nice box set which looked beautiful. My initial thought was “looks can be deceiving.” Upon getting them I did the very stupid thing of running my fingers across the blades to see how sharp they were. Well, I didn’t think they were sharp at all, thought they were some dull sorry knives. I guess that’s what I get for not being familiar with ceramic knives.

I used the pairing knife to cut some veggies like tomato, cucumber and carrots, thinking it wouldn’t do a good job but it cut through them like butter. Yes I was surprised!!!! Next was the steak knife. I used it on steak, sweet potatoes, and separating chicken legs and thighs. Again it worked like a charm! Next was the chef’s knife. I used it to trim a Boston Butt/Pork Shoulder and remove the fat cap which can be difficult for dull and normal knives and it did the job with ease. I also use this knife to cut through some smoked ribs, yes it got the job done!

I’ve used some top dollar knives and these will hold their own up against them.

What I liked about the knives:
– how they were packaged
– the look of the black blades (never saw that before)
– the ease with which they cut #OliverKline

You can find these knives on Amazon –
Zulay Metal Lemon Lime Squeezer – Manual Citrus Juice Press

I had never used a lemon squeezer like this before so it took me a moment to figure it out but once I did it worked great!

Some of the things I liked about it:
– it was metal and not some cheap plastic
– It was sturdy and heavy
– Simple to use
– easily juiced lemons and limes

Some of the things I didn’t like about it:
– the lack of use instructions.

Just before receiving this item I was out at a local Mexican eatery and noticed they were using a juicer that look exactly the same. #ZulayKitchen

You can find this lemon and lime squeezer on Amazon –

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