Kuuk Digital Thermometer Review

Cooking barbeque is a love for some and a habit for others! In cooking barbeque there are things that help you make the good great. One of those things is an accurate meat thermometer. Most people cook based on time, look and feel of the food they’re making but a meat thermometer allows you to cook meat to the proper temperature and avoid undercooked meat that’s not the best and can potentially make someone sick, or overcooking your meat and serving dry food that nobody wants.

I recently received the Kuuk Digital Thermometer to review. Kuuk is a company that makes kitchen products to make your life easier. For this test I decided to cook a Boston Butt, something that takes time to cook and would allow me the opportunity to test this thermometer out several times during the cook.


Upon receiving the product I quickly looked over the nice, cute box it was packaged in. The box had a nice simple clean appearance to it, simple is sometimes better. It came wrapped in bubble packaging to protect it and a sheet with easy to follow instructions were included. The sheet included instructions on “Operation” which covered how to turn the unit on and cycle through the settings, “Features” which highlighted aspects of the thermometer, “Warning” which outlines things you want to avoid doing so the thermometer always operates correctly, and “Warranty” which refers you to their website for support.

The unit itself comes in red, it has a folding probe which opens easily and will shut the unit off when you fold it to the closed position. The readout area was sufficient but it could have been a bit larger to make reading it easier considering the smoke that can sometimes surround a grill when cooking. There are 3 buttons on the unit, a top blue button which is labeled “HOLD”, this allow you to take a reading and have the unit keep that temp reading in the readout area after you remove it from whatever you’re cooking, an “ON/OFF” button which allows to do cut the unit on and off, but as I mentioned about the probe before, if you cut the unit on and fold the probe back in place it will cut the unit off and when you fold the probe out again it will cut back on, lastly is the “C/F” which allows you to change the temperature reading between celsius and farenheit. The unit also has a magnet on the back which allows you to stick it somewhere you can always find it. It operates off of a single AAA battery which goes into a chamber on the backside which is easy to open.


As I mentioned above I cooked a Boston Butt, and I took the temperature prior to rubbing down the meat before allowing it to rest overnight in the fridge. It gave me a reading of 36 degrees in about 4 to 5 seconds. I then next tested it out on the meat after an hour of cooking, and once again it took about 4 to 5 seconds before giving me an accurate reading. I took a few more readings during the cook, 2 of which you can see in the video below and each time it was on target and gave a reading in the 4 to 7 second range.

I used my Maverick 733 Meat Thermometer to verify each reading just in case you were wondering.


The product worked great for me each and every time with an accurate reading. It was easy to use right out the box. It has a sleek design and the needed options to help you cook your meats to proper temperature. The only drawback I see is they didn’t include a chart that gives you the finish temperatures for each meat type. The best part is it’s affordable! I have used some of the more popular instant read thermometers and I’ll tell you it works just as good as some of the higher price products. Find it on Amazon – http://amzn.to/1LNUXed

Kuuk On The Web:

website – http://www.kuukware.com

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