Lip Smacker Barbeque Sauce

Lip Smacker Sauce

Here is a sauce I use as 1 of my common go to barbeque sauces. You can use it on just about everything.

“Lip Smacker” Barbeque Sauce

  • 4 Cups Heinz Ketchup (or another quality brand)
  • 4 Cups Heinz White Vinegar (or another quality brand)
  • 4 Cups Cold Water
  • 6 Tbsp Chili Powder (pure chili powder not a blend)
  • 6 Tbsp Kosher Salt
  • 6 Tbsp White Sugar
  • 6 Tbsp Ground Black pepper
  • 2 Lrg Yellow Cooking Onion, finely chopped
  • 4 Med Lemon Juiced

Place all ingredients in a large pot and simmer over medium low heat until thick, about 2 hours.

Makes a little less more than 10 cups. Cool and store in the fridge in a half-gallon jug.



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  1. A most excellent sauce. I cut the recipe down to size just for what we would use this weekend, but it was the right amount of “sweet & heat”. I used less sugar only because of personal preference. I will make this recipe again in it’s entirety (just less sugar for me) overall its a great “all around sauce”! Glad it was shared and i got to make some!

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