Maverick 733 Wireless Meat Thermometer Product Review

The Maverick 733 Wireless Grill & Meat Thermometer is their updated version of their 732 model for 2014. For those of you who have never used a meat thermometer, this is a useful tool in helping you to cook your food to its proper temperature for the level of doneness you prefer. In essence what this unit does is it allows you to monitor the temperature of your grill and also the internal temperature of the meat you are cooking without having to second guess if it is done or not. Plus it allows you to read the temperature accurately while not being present at your grill or smoker. When barbequing, getting your meat to the proper temperature can make all the difference between producing great food or overcooked dried out meat that your friends and family tend to run away from.

I ordered this unit about a month ago and I’ve had the pleasure of testing it on several cooks. I have used it when I cooked chicken, pork loin, round roast, and brisket and it worked well with accurate readings for each cook. Below I will cover each piece to this set and some of the pros and cons of each.


The Set:


The set comes nicely packaged in its box with some simple instruction for operation. The small unit is the reader where the temperature probes connect and it also provides the temperature readings on-screen as well as sending them to the receiver unit so you can monitor your temperatures without having to remain at your grill.

Pros: small, lightweight and easy to use, alarm for set temperature points.

Cons: can be difficult to clean probes unless you get the waterproof probes which you have to order separately.


Main Unit:

mav733 wifi unit

The main unit is the brains of the system. It’s where you connect it wirelessly to the reader unit, connect the temperature probes and set the temperature reading in either Celsius or Farenheit.

Pros: easy to use, simple setup, has a good range to wireless unit.

Cons: small, pop-up stand could be a bit more sturdy.


Wireless Unit:

mav733 portable unit

The receiver unit. This is where you set the unit to what you are cooking and what you want the unit to monitor. It has several preset levels for different kinds of meat from chicken all the way to wild game such as elk and boar.

Pros: easy setup (after reading direction), multiple meat selection, grill and meat dual monitoring ability, larger readout screen, long-range connectivity, backlit display, alarm notification.

Cons: unit may not connect properly when using multiple wireless thermometers.



mav733 probes

The system come with 2 temperature probes and 2 grill clips for holding the probes. These probes can either be used to read the temperature of 2 different pieces of meat, a piece of meat and your grill temperature, or you can use it to monitor 2 different regions of your grill to make sure you are keeping a consistent temperature.

Pros: nice sturdy probes and clips, easy to use and work with.

Cons: cables are short on probes, only 3 feet, can not submerge probes in water where they connect with cables when cleaning (will need to order waterproof probes).



The Maverick 733 is a wonderful unit for the common barbeque backyard king, neighborhood grill master or any other person who believes they produce quality meat when it comes to cooking outdoors. It can be used in conjunction with charcoal as well as gas grills. For the price, $69.99, the Maverick 733 works just as well as other units priced as much as $100 more. It comes in several colors like black, white, copper, red and silver/gray.

If you are not currently using a meat thermometer get yourself a Maverick 733 Meat & Grill thermometer today from Amazon.

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  1. you can set a "high temp" on the meat probe just like you can a "high/low" on the barbecue probe (cooking temp).You do use the alarm setting for cooking temp don't you? I use it for temp time to wrap butts.

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