Pigskin Barbeque Offers: Reviews, Giveaways, Social Media Shout Outs, and more!

Review Policy:

  • Reviews are conducted free of charge.
  • We will review your barbeque related products, its cooking methods and or  tools used.
  • All products reviewed become the property of Pigskin Barbeque.
  • We require a full size product for review.
  • Reviews will be completed and posted within 2-6 weeks of receiving the product unless a specific time frame is agreed upon.
  • Reviews will include product information, pictures, and links back to your website, Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and YouTube.
  • Once the review is posted, a link to the post will be sent to you.
  • All opinions in the review will be our honest opinions. If there is an issue with the product before writing the review we will contact you personally to figure something out.
  • We meet FTC guidelines in regards to reviews. We disclose that we received the product for review purposes and we always provide honest reviews. This means, if we do not like your product, we will say so. If the reason we don’t like the product is fixable, we may contact you before posting the review.
  • We do not return products sent for review, even if we write a negative review.

Want to get your product reviewed go HERE.

Giveaway Policy:

  • Giveaways are free and usually paired with a review.
  • Sponsors are responsible for mailing the giveaway prize directly to the winner.
  • We will need a description of the prize (if different from the product sent for review), and who is eligible to enter.
  • Giveaways will run for 1 week unless a different time frame is agreed upon.
  • Winners will be selected through either Randon.org or Rafflecopter, and notified by email, and will generally have 48 hours to respond. A new winner will be selected if there is no response after this time.
  • Once the winner is confirmed, We will forward you their shipping information, and any product selection information.
  • Giveaways will be published on our website as well as Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Instagram.
  • You must agree to ship the product directly to the winner and notify us when prize has been shipped.

Want to sponsor a giveaway go HERE.

We look forward to working with you in the near future. If you need any other info feel free to contact us.