Dimples Spicy BBQ Sauce – Pigskin Freebie

Kicking off our second Pigskin Freebie is Dimples BBQ Sauce, their Spicy version. We reviewed Dimples BBQ sauce original version last year and you can see that review here: Dimples BBQ Sauce Review.

The makers of Dimples BBQ Sauce have stepped up the prizes a bit and there will be 5 winners!


  • Grand Prize – a bottle of Dimples Spicy Sauce, a Dimples T-shirt and a Dimples License Plate
  • Second Prizea bottle of Dimples Spicy BBQ Sauce
  • Third Prizea bottle of Dimples Spicy BBQ Sauce
  • Fourth Prize – a bottle of Dimples Spicy BBQ Sauce
  • Fifth Prize – a bottle of Dimples Spicy BBQ Sauce


For entry and a chance to win you must complete the tasks below, not completing them will cause your entry to become voided.

  • At the end of this post in the “comments” section, tell use why you like spicy BBQ sauce
  • Then……
  • Go to Dimples BBQ Sauce Facebook Page by clicking HERE and “like” their page, and also leave the comment “Pigskin Barbeque has dimples.”  

OPTIONAL – not required

  • we would greatly appreciate it if you would mention this Pigskin Freebie on your Facebook, Blog or Twitter.


  • YES! there is nothing else to do but wait and see if you are a winner!


  • Freebie will run for 1 week from May 1st to May 9th, winners announced Monday,  11th.
  • one comment per person.
  • US residents only.
  • winners selected randomly via random.org
  • winners will be notified via blog comments (check the “Notify me of new comments” box so you will receive contest updates).
  • winners will have 48 hours to provide mailing info to receive product. In the event info is not received in time a new winner will be selected.

Dimples BBQ Sauce On The Web:

Good Luck!

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    • it has a nice lil kick, not too strong to where it overpowers the flavor of the sauce, but enough to compliment it well and still allow you to feel some heat.

  1. One taste of Dimples Spicy BBQ sauce tastes like another one, and another one, and another….can’t get enough!

  2. I like the fact that some spicy bbq sauces have that kick at the end when eat some that has the bbq sauce on it u don’t get the heat right away then bam there it is not to bad

  3. Spicy BBQ sauce is great for the “extra” zing it gives whatever you put it on. Dimples is a very good spicy sauce….maybe even the best

  4. I am a big fan of spicy BBQ sauce that has a some heat to it at first but then gives a sweet savor that lasts for a while.

  5. The Grand Prize Winner for the Spicy Dimples BBQ Sauce Pigskin Freebie is Rene Bauer! Congrats!
    2nd through 5th place winners are Cheryl, Danny, Richard Shoemaker, and Pat.

    Please contact us via the contact page with your mailing address so your prizes can be sent out. You have 48hrs to do so.

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