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Recently during my travels I had the pleasure of stopping by Prized Pig BBQ, which is a small down home comfy place in Niles, MI. I found out about this place and it’s owner Jeremy Vohwinkle, from The BBQ Brethren, a forum dedicated to barbeque. There was this thread going entitled “Open a BBQ restaurant, they said. It will be fun, they said,” which covered Jeremy’s journey into opening this restaurant. Well, seeing it was fairly close and I often pass by the area, I made a point of stopping in.

the prized pig

prized pig inside

I was coming from La Porte, IN, which is southwest of Niles, MI. Niles is north of South Bend , IN. So, I punched the address of Prized Pig BBQ into my GPS so I could make this stop on my way to St. Clair, MI. Wouldn’t you know it, my GPS had me going right past the place on US-12, but I saw it and was able to stop in.

Upon viewing the menu I wanted to get some of every meat they offered but I decided I would be back so I settled on a favorite of mine: rib-tips! By ordering tips, I usually can tell if the rest of a restaurants meat is any good. In my opinion, if you mess up tips I’m not trying anything else.

prized pig menu

I ordered the Rib Tip platter with potato salad with mac & cheese. It came with pickles and cornbread. I also tried each sauce; Original Mild, Spicy and Carolina Gold.

prized pig rib tips

prized pig sauce

The tips were juicy, tender and good! I like my barbeque without sauce or very little on it so I can taste the meat and rub, I don’t like sauce overpowering everything where that is all I taste, so I was glad to see they served their Que without sauce. I dipped pieces in each of the sauces, each of them were good, but I liked the Spicy best. The Original Mild was good as well, and I believe I would like it on just about anything. The Carolina Gold, well I guess I’m just a northerner because I don’t like the taste of mustard with my barbeque. The sauce wasn’t bad but that combination just didn’t work well for my taste-buds. There was another sauce as well, it was thin and vinegar based. I’ll tell you this, that sauce would be the BOMB on some pulled pork, so guess what I’m getting the next time I stop by!

The potato salad was great! I like potato salad and cole-slaw. I was surprised to see they served red-skin potato salad with some dill in it. Let me tell you it was different but in a good way! It was creamy, the potatoes were not too soft, they were just right.

The mac & cheese I didn’t care for too much, I believe it’s because I compare any other mac & cheese to my sisters version. In my opinion, my sister makes the best mac & cheese ever! The mac & cheese from Prized Pig BBQ was flavorful and tasty, but it wasn’t my sisters.

The cornbread and the pickles that came with the meal were like extra bonuses. The pickles, I can tell they do them in-house because they were like nothing I’ve ever tasted before. Jeremy, you need to bottle those things and sell them! The cornbread was just how I like my cornbread! A little sweetness and moist. I could do a pan of that cornbread.

Overall I would give them 4 stars out of 5, I would also suggest anyone go by and check them out. It’s worth a road trip!



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  1. Well folks, I was in Niles, MI on Friday, May 1st, 2015 and I stopped by the Prized Pig again. This time I got a half rack of ribs, and their meat trio sampler platter which includes brisket, pulled pork and sausage, and 2 sides.
    The meat was so tender and good I ate each of them without sauce and I had the ribs Saturday.

    If you’re in the area you have to stop by and check them out!!!

  2. I need to revisit them. I went last year as it is not far from me…I was unimpressed. Maybe it was an off day at the restaurant…everything was not very flavorful. I waited about 10 minutes after I was done eating to get some burnt ends…I should have left…not cut uniform and they needed more time in the smoker to render off more fat. I will go again soon just because they may have just had a bad day….most reviews I read about them love ’em

    • Rene, the first time I went the food was good and I went again about a month or 2 ago and it was better this time. I’m thinking as they bet a better grip on running the business the quality of the food has improved. I noticed a new Shirley Fabrication smoker and a few other upgrades on my last visit that they didn’t have the first time I went.

      The ribs I had the second time were GREAT!

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