Sassy Q BBQ Rub & Sauce Review

We are kicking off 2015 with a review of the products from Sassy Q BBQ. Legend has it that Sassy’s great granddaddy used to run moonshine stills throughout the Delta. While out making his shine, he would often smoke a hog for his buddies while the shine was boiling. He developed a sauce to pour on the meat and naturally added a little moonshine to spice up the taste. His recipe and techniques were eventually passed down to his great granddaughter, Trish, whom he nicknamed “Sassy”. It is rumored to this day that there is a little moonshine in every bottle. Only the revenuers and Sassy know for sure!

My review of Sassy Q BBQ products started off with the spoon taste of the sauces, you know, I’ll have to start doing a video of that, then i put some of each sauce, the Vinegar, Spicy and Original on some bread and took a good whiff of the Sassy Q Sweet Rub. This allows me to sample the products in its simplest form without any meat. I also like to try to guess whats in each product as well before reading the label to see how close I was. Here we go!

I first tested the Sassy Q BBQ rub and sauces out on some wing dings I smoked for the Super Bowl! Nothing better than wings with football, right. I tried the Original and the Spicy sauce on the wing and saved the Vinegar sauce for another cook. On my second cook I made a pork loin rubbed in the Sassy Q Sweet Rub and sampled it with all three of the sauces this time. I had a mouth explosion!

First up was the wings for the Super Bowl. I sprinkled the wings with Sassy Q Sweet Rub and smoked them with oak wood. After they were about done I then tossed them in the Original and Spicy sauces and grilled them a little while longer until done.

The pork loin was a massive 8 pounder that I cut in half. I rubbed it down in the Sassy Q Sweet Rub, and smoked it using apple wood. I chose not to glaze the loin with any sauce since I was testing out all three this time.

Sassy Q Original

Sassy Q BBQ Original Sauce

This sauce totally put me in mind of the sauces I’ve had in Memphis! Funny thing, Trish has spent many years at the Memphis in May barbeque event in Memphis. When cooked this sauce becomes bolder than it taste on the spoon or the bread. I just loved the way it cooked and blended into the chicken. Mind you, this isn’t one of those thick sweet sauces like many people in the Midwest may like, but it sure was sweet enough for me and truly flavorful!

On the pork loin paired with the Sassy Q Sweet Rub, it was again a winner! If you are not familiar with pork loin, it’s the boneless strip of meat that goes along the back of the pig just above the ribs. It’s a carnivores dream! usually it’s pretty lean but I requested the fat cap left on mines. I do this so it bastes itself during the cooking process. You can tell Trish or her granddaddy had a pig in mind when developing this sauce. I can’t wait to cook up some ribs or rib tips and eat with this sauce.

Sassy Q Spicy

Sassy Q BBQ Spicy Sauce

Everything I had to say about the Original sauce applies to the Spicy sauce with the exception of one thing, the kick of the heat! Now I’ve tested and tried out several spicy or hot barbeque sauces, but this was the first one I’ve had that was full of flavor so that you tasted the spices in the sauce and had a delayed kick of the heat so you could enjoy the full body of the sauce. Most spicy or hot sauces fall either in being so hot you can’t enjoy it or either so spicy that spiciness is all you get and it’s absent of flavor. Well not this sauce. I have been putting this on every meat my wife has been cooking since, I think I have a cap full left……lol

Sassy Q Vinegar

Sassy Q BBQ Vinegar Sauce

This here was what I was waiting to test on some meat. Allow me to be clear, when it comes to barbeque, I love vinegar sauces. I’ve had the sauces that contain some form of tomato sauce, or beer, or cider, or just vinegar. I’ve had vinegar sauces in Tennessee, Texas, Ohio, Kentucky, North Carolina, Georgia, California, Arkansas, Oklahoma and even parts of Ontario, Canada and they all seem to have a similar taste to me except some were sweeter than others.

Sassy Q BBQ Vinegar sauce was unique in that it seemed to have mustard in it when I tasted it. Wouldn’t you know it, it sure did but the thing that kept me guessing was the allspice along with the combination of both ketchup and mustard in the sauce. The red pepper and the cayenne provided the kick I like in a vinegar sauce.

The sauce was wonderful on the pork loin and it has me looking forward to cooking my favorite and using a vinegar sauce how you are supposed to, and that is on pulled pork. Man I can’t wait!


Sassy Q BBQ sauces and rub would make a great addition to your barbeque if you want to experience true barbeque sauce and flavors outside of those store purchased brands like…. I can’t even bring myself to curse like that. Get it, try it out for yourself and I’m sure you will enjoy it as much as I have. These sauces and rub work well together. I’ll be ordering some more soon.

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