Southern Peach Pulled Pork

Pulled Pork is one of my all time favorites when it comes to barbeque. Being from Ohio you don’t hear much about this great dish unless you’re really into barbeque. As you go around the country you will find Pulled Pork prepared various ways. For instance, in South Carolina you can find it prepared with a mustard sauce, like the one I did a review on by Firebud Brandsor you will find it with one of the many variations of vinegar based sauces like the one I reviewed by Sassy Q BBQMany areas of the country simply put barbeque sauce on it and you have those areas that simply keep the juices from cooking and pour it back over the meat, so it’s naked, just the meat and flavor from the rub. Even though my personal favorite is a vinegar based sauce I took the naked approach with a little twist.


  • Prep Time: 30 Minutes
  • Cook Time: 10 hrs
  • Grill Temp: 275 Degrees
  • Meat Done Temperature: 200 Degrees Internal Temperature
  • Preferred Wood: Mojo Bricks with Pecan Essence – (review coming soon)

pecan blend



boston butt

peach nectar

ole mans rub sprinkle dat


Place the butt in an aluminum pan, this saves you from making a big mess, and inject it with Peach Nectar every inch on top and bottom. After doing this take the Ole Mans Spice Rub & Seasoning and sprinkle it all over the butt. Now if you didn’t put it on too heavy, do it again! At this point you can cover with plastic wrap and allow this to take a nap in the fridge overnight. I personally prefer a minimum of at least 8 hours due to the size of the butt, this allows the flavors to fully get into all the meat.

You should have some peach nectar left over, keep it as we will use this to baste the butt during the cooking process.

boston butt rub1

boston butt rub2


Believe it or not I cooked on a gas grill. I know, that’s a cuss word! I used a Kenmore 4 burner gas grill. I turned all 4 burners on to get it to temp, 275 degrees, then I turned 2 burners off on one side. I placed a Mojo Brick on the burner deflector plate closest to the meat. By placing it on the plate it doesn’t burst into flames and burn up, it gets hot and smolders for up to an hour providing great smoke flavor. Each hour for the first three hours I placed a Mojo Brick in. Place a pan of hot water on the grill on the same side where the burners are on. This helps to keep moisture in the grill during the cook.

I allowed the butt to sit out for 30 minutes before placing it on the grill and I also placed another light coating of rub on it. Place the extra peach nectar in a bowl and allow it to get to room temp, you will use this to baste the butt each hour for the first 6 hours. For the first 4 hours I had the butt directly on the grill then I placed it in an aluminum pan so I could preserve the juices which will be used later. After 6 hours of cook time or when the butt reaches 165 degrees I covered it with foil. I used the Kuuk Thermometer to read the internal temperature of the butt several times during the cook. Once the butt reaches an internal temperature of 200 degrees it is done.

boston butt rub3
additional rub before cooking
1 hour
1 hour into cook
2 hour
2 hours into cook
2 hour2
2 hours close up
4 hours into cook
4 hours into cook
5 hour
5 hours into cook, transferring to pan
6 hours into cook
6 hours into cook
10 hours cook time, ready to pull
10 hours cook time, ready to pull
finished and pulled
finished and pulled

After removing from the grill double wrap the butt in foil and place in a cooler or a couple of towels for 30 minutes. Take the juices caught in the pan the butt was in and remove as much of the grease as possible. Place those juices in a small pot with 8oz of peach nectar and simmer for 10 minutes, this will be poured over the meat after pulling. Place the butt in a clean pan for pulling. The best indicator to a well cooked Boston Butt is when you can grab the bone and pull it out, it should come out fairly easy and clean. Pull the meat (shred) and then pour the mixture of juices and peach nectar over the finished product. Enjoy!

peach pulled pork sandwich
peach pulled pork sandwich



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