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Streetside BBQ is a classic barbecue catering company out of the Philadelphia area. They have rubs and sauces that accentuate meats flavor for a complete experience that keeps customers coming back for more. Streetside is owned and operated by Demond Mullen. Demond dates his interest in smoking and cooking back to his early childhood when his father used to smoke meat for the family. This I understand fully and it’s how our love for BBQ grew as well.

We had the pleasure of testing out some of their products in a test cook we conducted. We were given their Savory Flavory Medley Seasoning Blend, their Original Southern Kick BBQ Rub, their Sweet Heat Spicy Homey Honey Sauce and their Sweet Heat Kansas City Classic Sauce.

We conducted our cook on an offset smoker with chicken halves which we placed in brine overnight and smoked at 275 degrees with Pecan wood and brushed some with the 2 sauces the last 30 minutes of cooking. We used a 50/50 mix of both seasonings on the chicken prior to cooking.

Savory Flavory Medley Seasoning Blend

They say it’s an aromatic mix of succulent spices that adds an instant burst of bright taste. Upon opening the bottle and smelling it you knew it was complex and could be used on a variety of meats and vegetables. Tasting it prior to using it is something I usually do with seasonings and I can say it’s flavor was unique in a good way, it wasn’t similar to anything else I’ve ever tried before. They have paired this combination of spices together nicely.

Original Southern Kick BBQ Rub

They say it adds the perfect smoky character to your BBQ with deep, savory flavors and a touch of signature sweet heat. Looking at this rub I was struck as it was strange in appearance, it looked like tiny granules of some sort of sugar. Honestly I didn’t know what to expect from this rub but as usual I took a pinch and tasted it. BOY!!! What a surprise! Now I don’t know how they accomplished this but when it hit my tongue it was sweet and tasty followed by a nice bit of heat kick. Yeah I like this stuff, it’s right up my alley! No pun intended Philly.

Sweet Heat Spicy Homey Honey Sauce

They say it”s a classic sweet and savory tomato-based sauce with a hint of heat, and they utilize top-quality, local and sustainable ingredients. It combines sweet goodness with a mildly spicy kick. This was the first thing I busted open when the products arrived because I just had to smell it taste it. It smelled like a traditional sweet bbq sauce but it’s taste was far from traditional in my book. I could taste the different layers of flavor in this sauce. You had the flavors of honey with a hint of maple but the thing that got me was I could swear I was tasting a little bourbon. I kept taking spoon after spoon eating it on nothing but bread. Once the chicken was ready to eat this sauce was even better and the bourbon flavor was even more pronounced in my opinion. They may not have bourbon in this sauce but it sure tasted like it.

Sweet Heat Kansas City Classic Sauce

They say it’s their homestyle original sauce, a thick, tomato-based sauce. This sauce smelled like spaghetti sauce to me at first and it tasted like a good Kansas City style sauce. The sauce was great on the chicken and balanced everything out wonderfully. This is a good go to everyday bbq sauce.


Demond Mullen and Streetside Barbecue have some complex and wonderful tasting products and we can’t wait to use these on ribs and burgers. If you like your BBQ flavorful with a sweet taste and a kick of heat then these product are certainly worth a try. You can order any of the tested product and more directly from Streetside Barbecue’s website listed below.


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