Alabama White Sauce

November 13, 2015 8

Alabama White Sauce is an original creation from Robert Gibson of Big Bob Gibson’s BBQ out of Decatur, AL. This sauce was made for chicken but people are also using it on pulled pork. We […]

Junior’s Rub For Grub

August 30, 2015 0

I love a good BBQ rub! Junior’s Rub For Grub is a rub that’s developed by Junior Urias, of Up In Smoke BBQ, out of Midland, Texas. A good BBQ rub should be able to […]

The Best Beer Can Chicken Ever

June 12, 2015 2

Here is one of my favorites to make when I don’t want to do a long cook. Beer Can Chicken! My family loves it and I always have to hurry and be the first one […]

Top 10 BBQ Books

April 16, 2015 1

With the official barbeque season under way all across the country we want to continue to do our part in help you make the best barbeque possible by suggesting our list of the Top 10 […]

Sassy Q BBQ Rub & Sauce Review

February 13, 2015 0

We are kicking off 2015 with a review of the products from Sassy Q BBQ.┬áLegend has it that Sassy’s great granddaddy used to run moonshine stills throughout the Delta. While out making his shine, he […]

Top Wood Choices When Smoking Meat

January 30, 2015 11

What is the best wood to use? That’s a question I get asked often! Well, it is really all about your personal choice in most cases and in some cases there are some woods you […]

Dads Barbeque Mop Sauce

January 18, 2015 0

When it comes to cooking ribs the methods vary in the world of barbeque. Some people like to slow smoke them and use the 3-2-1 method for moist tender fall off the bone ribs, (my […]

Smoked Maple Turkey

December 13, 2014 0

For Thanksgiving everyone has turkey in some shape or form. This year I wanted something different from the traditional cooked turkey from out of the oven and I wanted something different from fried turkey which […]

Dad’s Ribs and Mop Sauce

March 17, 2014 15

Here is a recipe I picked up from my dad after I was grown and had my own family. As a child growing up my dad always manned the grill and I would ask him […]

Kansas City Kryptonite Rub

March 16, 2014 10

Kansas City Kryptonite Rub is a rub I came across about 6 or 7 years ago. It has great flavor when paired with poultry or beef. I really like it on chicken or tri-tip. Give […]