YouTube Subscriber Giveaway

October 8, 2016 0

We’ve reached 600 subscribers on YouTube and want to say thank you for subscribing, watching and commenting on our videos. All you have to do to be entered is leave a comment on this video […]

Barbeque Beef Ribs Recipe

September 13, 2016 0

When you think beef and BBQ you think Texas, the home of big bold barbeque beef. Being from Ohio, beef ribs are usually not a staple in most bbq establishments, if they have them they […]

Beef Tri-Tip

July 29, 2016 1

I got some Bigmista’s Bitchin’ Beef Rub because I heard it was the bomb on beef and it would help you to make some “Really, Good, Meat” Tri-Tip isn’t big in Ohio. So I hit […]

Chipotle Bacon BBQ Sauce

February 10, 2016 0

Potentially The most Addictive BBQ Sauce Ever!!! Chipotle Bacon BBQ Sauce has all the elements you love! The great taste of bacon. The smokey goodness of chipotle. The sweet tang of brown sugar. Pair this […]

Maple Bourbon Baked Beans

January 2, 2016 2

One of my favorite sides to pair with great barbeque is some good ol sweet baked beans! I personally prefer to make my beans from scratch and avoid the canned versions. When cooking baked beans […]

The Best Damn Memphis BBQ Rub

December 12, 2015 0

Pigskin Barbeque Presents….. Our version of Memphis Style BBQ Rub which can be used on ribs, butts, and even brisket! It has many of the Memphis staples when it comes to rubs and seasonings, like […]

Alabama White Sauce

November 13, 2015 8

Alabama White Sauce is an original creation from Robert Gibson of Big Bob Gibson’s BBQ out of Decatur, AL. This sauce was made for chicken but people are also using it on pulled pork. We […]

Junior’s Rub For Grub

August 30, 2015 0

I love a good BBQ rub! Junior’s Rub For Grub is a rub that’s developed by Junior Urias, of Up In Smoke BBQ, out of Midland, Texas. A good BBQ rub should be able to […]

Hot Grips Review

August 26, 2015 0

Hot Grips Silicone Heat Resistant BBQ Gloves is a products that I received and was asked to put them to the test. Silicone kitchen products are becoming all the rage now. You have products from […]

Southern Peach Pulled Pork

August 3, 2015 3

Pulled Pork is one of my all time favorites when it comes to barbeque. Being from Ohio you don’t hear much about this great dish unless you’re really into barbeque. As you go around the […]

Coke-a-Cola Jerk Chicken

July 20, 2015 11

Jamaican Jerk is one of my favorite seasonings and I often visit the Jamaican eateries in my city ordering their Jerk chicken, pork, shrimp and more. Well, my family wanted barbeque chicken and I took […]

Top 10 Youtube BBQ Channels

July 12, 2015 2

In my ever expanding effort to constantly improve my barbeque skills I spend a good deal of time watching Youtube videos of other people who make all kinds of wonderful BBQ treats, and I wanted […]

Auburn Hills BBQ Cookoff Pictures

June 23, 2015 2

This past weekend I was fortunate to have the opportunity to judge the Auburn Hill BBQ Cookoff. I took a few picture and I want to share them with you.

The Best Beer Can Chicken Ever

June 12, 2015 2

Here is one of my favorites to make when I don’t want to do a long cook. Beer Can Chicken! My family loves it and I always have to hurry and be the first one […]

Top Must Have Weber Products

June 6, 2015 2

The words Weber and barbeque go hand in hand, and have done so for many years now. It is rare to go anywhere within the U.S. and not find these words associated with each other […]

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